Fashion and Location Project, Brooklyn College, University of South Wales, RMIT, AMFI

Faculty and students are collaborating on a project focused on fashion identities in different cities.  The University of South Wales Cardiff Location Shoot is well underway.   Adam Mulero of Brooklyn College’s Fashion Marketing club has created a Pinterest page of the Fashion Marketing students’ photographs on campus.  Students at Brooklyn College have conducted interviews on whether there is a certain Brooklyn College style.  They will also look at styles in different Brooklyn neighborhoods. Students from Brooklyn College, the University of South Wales, RMFI and AMFI (see below for more details) will connect and collaborate, sharing ideas and learning from one another.

Brooklyn College campus style posts on Pinterest

Brooklyn College photos and interviews on campus

assignment 2 revised

University of South Wales

Cardiff Location Shoot


Melbourne Tumblr

Participating Universities:
I. University of South Wales, UK

Patricia Brien MA
Course Leader BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion

 II. RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), Melbourne Australia

Claire Beale and Kate Kennedy

III. AMFI (Amsterdam Institute of Fashion)

 Maaike Feitsma


IV.  Brooklyn College

 Veronica Manlow

Assistant Professor of Business, Finance and Business Management Department






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