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Daily News Article on Punch Street Greetings

I was interviewed in this article on a new online greeting card company.  I would have advised entrepreneur Keisha DePaz not to give up the day job so soon.  Education is something you never lose so she can always go back into the corporate world though it is hard to get back to the same position.  I think she needs to do a few things differently.  I was surprised she didn’t do something with digital cards.  There is a real need for more interesting digital cards for younger audiences: something beyond the watering can and the growing flower.  She created cards that you can order online and that she mails.  They need to have more interesting designs and lots of flexibility for the user so that I can pull in different elements to make my own card.  Learn from those who have been successful in the greeting card arena.  You need tabs like “Birthday” not “Youth”.  Anti-bullying cards?  Is this for first graders, adolescents?  The only people who will buy anti-bullying cards are overprotective mothers.  The website needs to be user friendly and fun.  All these things can be worked out but need to be done now when she is getting a lot of publicity.

Role of Toys Within Consumer Society



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